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Temperature Controllers - Mainframe Modular

Modular Temperature Controller - 240V 15 Amp

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Our HRC-1 modular temperature controller is compatible with all industry standard †"G" Series® temperature control modules and mainframe systems.

The HRC-1 is loaded with technical features while remaining uncomplicated and easy to use. Set up and parameter changes are easy via the simple user-friendly single key command interface. The large, bright dual LED displays make the process temperature, setpoint temperature, amps and diagnostic codes easy to read from a distance.

The HRC-1 comes complete with a diagnostic code label, anti-arc mainframe connector contact and (2) spare ABC15 fuses.

Our controllers have a two year limited warranty. They are compliant with RoHS and WEEE requirements and European CE EMC and low voltage directives.

Modular Temperature Cont...
Product # / HRC-1 Price /  $180.00
15 Amp 250V Ferrule Fuse
Product # / ABC15 Price /  $5.00
Est. Shipping Costs
  • Compatible with all industry standard †"G" Series® style temperature control modules and mainframe systems
  • Automatic (closed loop) & Manual (open loop) control modes
  • Current (amps) monitoring
  • Boost power output function in both automatic and manual control modes
  • Fully automatic, adaptive tuning of PID (3-term) variables
  • User selectable Automatic T/C Break Hold function (transfers power setting to manual mode if T/C lost)
  • Anti-arc power input protection circuit
  • Full diagnostics (fault recognition) with english mnemonic code display
  • User selectable delay for shorted thermocouple diagnostic to prevent premature alarm on slow or heavy loads
  • "J" type thermocouple standard, user selectable "K" type option
  • Alarm output communications compatibility
  • Automatic slow start temperature ramp for wet heater dry out
  • Operating voltage can easily be changed to 120V via printed circuit board jumpers
Shipping Specifications
Weight 2 lbs.
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.
Height 8"
Width 3"
Length 11"
Ship Via UPS
HRC-1 Product Brochure - HRC-1 Product Brochure
FutureHRC-1revA.pdf - 430 kb
Owners Manual
HRC-1 Operator Instruction Manual - HRC-1 Operator Instruction Manual
FutureHRC-1_MANUALrevB.pdf - 820 kb
Owners Manual
Espanol HRC-1 Operator Instruction Manual - Espanol HRC-1 Operator Instruction Manual
Esp_HRC-1_MANUALrevA.pdf - 830 kb
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